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Current weather conditions

Saturday: Showers and thunderstorms early. Low 20C. - Saturday Night: Scattered thunderstorms early, then becoming clear after midnight. Storms could contain frequent lightning. Low around 20C. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 km/h. Chance of rain 50%.

Temperature: 29.7°C
Max day temperature: 36.7°C
Min day temperature: 27.7°C
Temperature trend: Falling
Humidity: 56%
Baro: 994.0 hPa
Max baro: 996.3 hPa
Min baro: 993.0 hPa
Baro trend: 0.7 hPa (Rising)
WindChill/Heat index:
Wind chill: 29.7°C
Max windchill: 36.7°C
Min windchill: 27.7°C
Humidex: 40.6°C
Max humidex: 50.5°C
Min humidex: 38.0°C
Dew point: 23.6°C
Heat index: 34.3°C
Average wind speed: 5.0 km/h / 1 beauforts
Max average wind speed: 19.4 km/h / 1 beauforts
Wind direction: N / 0°
Wind average direction: NNE / 20°

Gusts: 13.3 km/h / 3 beauforts
Max hourly wind gusts: 57.4 km/h / 7 beauforts
Max today wind gusts: 35.7 km/h / 5 beauforts
Rain rate: 0 mm
Hourly rain rate: 0.0 mm
Daily rain: 0.0 mm
Max rain rate: 0.0 mm
Yesterday rain: 0.0 mm
Monthly rain: 0.0 mm
Yearly rain: 0.0 mm

Cloud height: 760.8 meters
Sunrise: 06:02
Sunset: 20:49
Moonrise: 00:52
Moonset: 11:58
Moon phase: 71.33%
Moon age: 21 days

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Weather data updated at 22:26:02 - 25/6/2016

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